Monday, September 12, 2005


Ethan and I got to spend a good bit of quality time together this weekend. We both have colds, so that meant a lot of laying around and TV watching on our parts. Unfortunately for me the TV watching consisted of The Tigger Movie, Go Diego Go and Charlie And Lola, but Ethan was happy.

The day started early on Saturday as Lisa's mom picked her up to go over to her brother's house for a yard sale. She was gone for most of the day, but it wasn't a complete bust since she made $83. She was very particular about the amount. Ethan and I wiped down the walls in the nursery, getting it ready to paint. He is only three, so he didn't get a lot of cleaning done. He did have fun playing in the bucket of water though. After that we took a trip to the dump, and sat around in front of the TV for the rest of the day.

Since his nose was running and he was coughing so much, Ethan and I stayed home from church yesterday morning and last night while Lisa went. We had another day of watching TV, and we also played with Darth Tater (the best Mr. Potato Head ever) and his Geo Trax railroad. I think I enjoy playing with the Geo Trax as much as he does. He has the basic set, and we have also bought a pack or two of additional track pieces. It is fun just trying to come up with new ways to put it together. Last weekend, Lisa and I layed away another remote controlled train and another set of track pieces that go with it for Christmas. If I ever get the siding on the house and out of the basement, we plan on turning the basement into a playroom, so Ethan and Connor will have plenty of space for toys like this. As it is now, we run out of room pretty quickly when we set it up in Ethan's bedroom.


At 5:34 PM, Blogger Jessica Klarkson said...

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At 10:42 PM, Blogger Steven Swain said...

Nothling like some father-son time, huh. That sounds like a real pleasant weekend, despite the cold.


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